The last two summers, in addition to practicing law, I've also been teaching Business and Entertainment Law at a local law school. Of course, when you're in class, you can't exactly answer calls. However, when class is over...maybe you find a text message waiting that provides you with an opportunity, a chance to talk to the media about a topic you’ve been working on or a message you want to deliver to a bigger audience.

So, what can you do to stay ready when these public relations opportunities come knocking.

  1. Make sure you look like you're ready. That means that you dress the part every day...whatever your "part" looks like. For some of us, casual dress is just fine. For others, business formal attire may be required. Whatever your role requires, however you want people to "know" you...dress like you're ready.

  2. Have your go-to message ready to go to. It's a little hard to hear in this video, but I mentioned three main points. They are my main go-to points that are included when I discuss this particular issue. Keep them short and ready.

  3. Be flexible. You never know when you're going to get that call or text or unannounced meeting. Try to figure out how to "say yes" when it works for you. Sure, you won't be as prepared as you would normally be, but go for it anyway. Stretch yourself and grow into the moment.

Here’s how I managed.