Shelia A. Huggins, PLLC offers options for teleconferences

that can be scheduled through our website.

Teleconference times are generally available every day of the week and in the evening, in an effort to provide you with options for discussing your business challenges at a time that is convenient for you. You may choose a 15-minute legal consultation teleconference (North Carolina residents only) or a 20-minute or 40-minute business consultation teleconference. 

For North Carolina residents, we provide business and legal representation. For residents of other states or business with no ties to North Carolina, we can not provide legal services. However, we do provide the option of discussing legal topics with you as GENERAL INFORMATION ONLY. Shelia A. Huggins is only licensed to practice law in North Carolina. Therefore, out-of-state appointments will be handled in a manner that complies with regulations prohibiting the unauthorized practice of law in other states.

By participating in our online scheduling process, you agree to be bound by the terms of our payment processor, Stripe. Our pricing formula is designed to provide affordable options for businesses. Please see the booking page for the teleconferencing options.