How Your Business Can Weather a Storm

As we enter the season of storms and hurricanes, I thought a few tips might be helpful. Here’s what I’m doing when I hear that bad storms are coming my way.

1.       I’m making sure that everything is powered up and ready to go. I don’t want to have to look for backup power supplies, lights, nothing. And I’m making sure to keep everything fully charged. No running the phone battery down to 2% like I often do.

2.       I’m focusing on doing all business-related errands before the storm…post office, supplies, banking, any of that. I’ve lost power during hurricanes before so I know that it could be days before things are fully back up to speed.

3.       Checking in with clients…just making sure there aren’t any urgent matters that they need assistance with.

4.       Coordinating a list of items to work on if there’s no power, no internet..basically if we go back to in time a couple hundred years.

Of course, there’s always the general stuff too…like making sure the car is gassed up, got batteries, food, and water.

But generally speaking those are the four tips that I’m sharing about how I’m getting storm-prepared. My office is in a brick building. I don’t own it. I don’t have any windows to board up or outside property to bring inside. So for retail business owners, and those closer to the cost, I’m sure that’s a lot more prep that’s going on. But for those of who are primarily office, ecommerce, internet workers…our business prep is a little different.

Now to that last item.

As an attorney, I always advice my clients to have business property insurance. Therefore, even if my office is damaged. I’m somewhat protected. Every little bit helps. So if you don’t already have business insurance, definitely check into it.

I hope these tips are helpful to you, and please stay safe if you’re in any areas where you are experiencing extreme weather.

And remember as you’re building your business…names are made. So go out and make yours.