Is it More Lucrative to Monetize a Blog, Vlog, of Podcast?

Theoretically, you could do all three by changing up the formatting to use the same content in different ways and then cross-pollinate your own content. But if you’re trying to pick one, you’ll need to do a little bit of work to figure this one out.


The external analysis (what does the world want and can you give it to them like they want it):

  1. If you already have a blog, vlog, and podcast, then evaluate the engagement, growth potential, and value to those who would be paying.

  2. If you don’t already have any of those, and you are trying to figure it out, you’re going to have to take a look at that sweet spot where your interest and commitment to do the work meets what followers are looking for. And even then, you’re back to evaluating what the engagement, growth potential, and value is going to be.

Note, yes…it would be easy to just look at statistics and say that a particular format works best in general or that it has fewer challenges, but that can be very different depending on who the content creator is. It’s sort of like asking…what’s the best time to exercise, when the answer is…the time that you will actually do the exercise.


The internal analysis (do you want to give it to them and can you give it to them like you want to):

  1. Which one of these do you have the skills to be able to do the work that’s required? It doesn’t have to be perfect, but people are getting more used to higher quality content. So be prepared to look professional.

  2. If time is an issue, is there one that you could do relatively easily and grow your content base quickly? The quicker you can build content, the more content you have to share and promote…the faster you can get to monetization.

  3. How committed are you…really? And to which format are you most committed, because that’s the one that you are going to consistently show up for.

Note, if one format has challenges that may be particular burdensome to you, then just go ahead and cross that off the list.